I draw the webcomic Manly Guys Doing Manly Things and work on cartoons you might see on TV sometimes.


Tumblr recommended a blog called “Vulture Culture” to me and after skimming it I can’t tell if it’s about bone collecting or vulture otherkin who happen to collect bones.


I attend fight choreography training twice weekly, as a fun and creative complement to my more serious martial arts studies. Our school is currently preparing a routine - we’ve blocked out our positions, and now we’re in the process of adding combat choreography and transition moves.

During about the 3rd transition, I decided that it’d be a good idea to move from one mark to another via forward roll. What i didn’t realise, around about the time my head was passing under my butt, was that my sensei was aiming a spinning kick at my former opponent - and his foot passed a whisker over my nose.

The whole room froze, stared at me and then back at sensei, who broke out into a massive grin and declared that my blunder looked ‘REALLY AWESOME’ and that it would be added to the routine. So now i have to avoid getting kicked in the head for a month and a half.

Kelly, if i die, Brett can have my Transformers.

Ahahaha I’ll let him know but I think he’d rather have you safe and sound :P

What martial art do you practice again? I’ve totally forgotten :O

I want CreepsMcPasta to do the ice bucket challenge Mr. Creepypasta and Creepypasta Jr. tagged him for mostly because I want to know if that gigantic dude in their valentines episode or whatever it was is actually him.

Because I have such a ridiculous time trying to imagine his voice coming out of this person.


I feel like the best way to fix this is to post cute pigeons for you.


Oh my goddddd it’s a Gerudo satinettttttte

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hokuto-ju-no-ken asked
oh boy is it that time again

I’m so tumblr’d out I feel nauseous.

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I thought it was a bunny.


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It only just occurred to me that your icon is not a squirrel. I'm sad now.


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If you go to the advanced options when editing a post, you can change the timestamp and cause it to go up or down on your archives/dashboard. I just found that out

Doesn’t seem to work for me

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Pigs are sleeping.

I wish there was a way to rearrange posts on Tumblr without reblogging them because I just want the “cute pigeon” ones back to the top of my blog.