I draw the webcomic Manly Guys Doing Manly Things and work on cartoons you might see on TV sometimes.


itmustbetheteeth asked
One of my OCs is a Reaper who was formerly the Aztec death goddess Mictecacihuatl. She still has her old jaguar pelt cape that she used to walk among the mortals. Do any of your characters have a clothing item that is very significant to them?

Blue has a bomber jacket that Daggett got for him to grow into when he was a kid with a Jacob sheep head burned on the back, to remind him that Jacob lambs grow up to be Jacob rams.

oldtimeydildomachine asked
One of my OCs is extremely high-strung and uptight and all business, and is really built more like a powerlifter than anything designed to move gracefully, but still really wants to be able to dance, and practices it whenever they're alone. They are horrible at it and show no signs of improvement.

Daggett goes out to clubs with the youngest of his three cousins all the time, and they set up a game console in his oldest cousin’s bar to play Just Dance type games on. They are surprisingly good at it.

elmsycat asked
My OC Mallory could never commit to a single hair style so she got her hair cut super short and has a variety of wigs (ranging from neon pink curls to fashionably layered blonde) for whatever mood she happens to be in.

Chuuch trades hand made skirts and dresses and stuff for hairdressing services with one of her childhood friends.

alliseeisthewarpandimgoingmad asked
Okay one more. Another one of my OCs has a bit of a thing against sweets. Not because they're unhealthy, just that he can't stand the taste of most sweets.

Chuuch’s favourite snack are candied roast lemming things on a stick some little diners and soda sops and stuff sell.

beabae asked
I've got an OC who's a great fencer and practiced figher in general, but he has a habit of attaching himself to certain people and hiding behind them for anything else.

Blue is a with a hook on a chain and practiced figher in general, but he has a habit of attaching himself to Daggett and hiding behind him for anything else.

glamorousgamine asked
Hector can play beautiful piano (especially jazz and ragtime), but does his best to keep almost everyone else from finding out.

Blue plays complicated sheet music for songs he’s never heard to practice processing information on the fly and keeping up his hand-eye coordination. Daggett thinks it’s funny to give him video game music.

kiddthemaniac asked
One of my OCs looks like just about any other slick businessdude, but is actually a diehard Motorhead fan, and has been since his teen years.

Tigris was a huge geek for American pop culture sci-fi and super hero stuff growing up and even though it will never be directly stated in the comic because I avoid current entertainment stuff too much to avoid placing the story in a specific year, I figure he probably plays/ed Khan in whatever modern Star Trek franchise cash-in equivalent happens in their universe and has a strong fanbase he’s convinced that he should play Kraven the Hunter.

toxicphox asked
An OC of mine folds little simple origami rabbits and frogs to de-stress or pass time, but balks at the idea of big complicated folds.

Commander keeps all his piles of paper stars for his kids to play with.

spectre-x asked
my OC Spex often weirds people out since his species of space alien are physiologically incapable of experiencing fear, shame or embarrassment.

Blue often weirds people out because he gives people the impression he experiences exclusively fear, shame, and embarrassment.

pommypoisonoverload asked
My main female OC Kata has CIPA, which makes her unable to feel pain or sweat. Sicne she does a job of basically taking care of monsters, it's both handy and dangerous for her. Do one of your characters have something that's both handy and dangerous?

Probably all the creatures with super corrosive regenerating flesh that are the namesake of Platinum Black.