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Oh no why did I do this to myself now I’m getting bombared with strangers’ terrible zelda opinions because they need to explain me a thing about why my favourite characters are wrong.

They already stretched on giving Little Mac a complete, original moveset…heck, Sheik’s moveset is a stretch too. How would you propose Nabooru’s (given she showed up for a little bit of time).

Now I’m imagining lightweight sword-fighter Nabooru in Zelda’s spot, and in place of transforming into Sheik she turns into an Iron Knuckle.

Did she ever actually fight? She fought while dressed as an iron gauntlet guy but other than that she existed only to die tragically and flirt with adult link. I’d rather have one of the Gerudo guards who beat Link without even trying.

How dare you sir

Why isn’t Nabooru in Smash Bros.

Don’t say “because the game is so old” Nintendo re-releses OoT on a new system every 45 minutes.

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Metroid other M is the worst thing to happen with Nintendo in a long time and for some reason they're using that version of Samus in the new Smash just really gets to me. I still have no idea why Nintendo let the jiggle physics guys tell Samus's story.

I wish that if they wanted out-of-suit Samus they’d use 6’3” 200 lb vintage Samus. There are quite a lot of slender pretty blonde ladies in Smash Bros already, that design is covered, just go ahead and throw in an amazon.

Samus’s colour theory is so tasteless Peach can’t even bear to look at her.

Samus’s colour theory is so tasteless Peach can’t even bear to look at her.

If you couldn’t understand that little old couple from the Black Country, it’s okay, youtube closed captioning has your back;



do people not realize the american accent is actually the original accent? the typical british/english accent actually started much later by the upper class. not that it MATTERS but at least get your facts straight if youre gonna pseudo insult me

iirc it’s been said that Shakespearean plays actually read better in an American accent, since it’s more closely related to original English

There are claims that a very specific dialect in the American South is closer to ye olde Shakespearean English than the present upper-middle-class London accent, but what you’re going to call “the original English accent” is a super semantic line drawn in the sand when English started separating from the other languages it was cobbled out of. Other historians claim that the Black Country dialect is the closest to English’s Anglo-Saxon ancestry and therefore the “most authentic” accent. So whenever you hear anyone complain about anyone else’s English accent, just remember that cute little old couple in that video.