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Also take note- eyeballs are connected by a ton of ligaments. Unless that spoon has a razor edge you can’t remove an eyeball with a spoon. Even with a scalpel eyes are hard to remove.

True story, when I was a little little kid before I understood idioms I heard an optometrist say “and it went right to the back of his head” to my mom in relation to something they were talking about, and thought he meant someone’s eyes rolled into the back of their head. So I spent the first few years of human consciousness I can remember terrified that my eyes could potentially fall out of my skull if I wasn’t careful.

Years later long after I got over all that I was doing the fetal pig dissection in high school, spending a good ten minutes trying to pry an eyeball out of the socket in one piece and thinking WOW IF THEY LET FOUR YEAR OLDS DO DISSECTIONS IT SURE WOULD HAVE SPARED ME A WHOLE LOT OF NAUSEATING TERROR BECAUSE THIS IS BASICALLY IMPOSSIBLE.

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Kara Szamborki recommends Lobo #1

Sorry, not sorry: this Lobo book is everything I wanted from an ongoing when I first finished reading Justice League 23.2 last year AND MORE. First off, there’s action, because what else are you expecting from a Lobo book? But let’s talk about what’s REALLY important: tantalizing flashbacks and seamless plot setup. So many books try to be complicated right off the bat, but the storytelling in Lobo mirrors the character: You know what you’re signing up for, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be surprises at every turn. The genius of the new Lobo concept is that instead of retconning the Lobo we know and love from the pre-New 52 universe, the twist is that he was lying to us the whole time, the thief of another Czarnian’s identity, one we’re only meeting now—and let me tell you, I’m glad we know more, because holy bastiches this backstory is the last thing I expected.

Let’s be real here: you need to read this book. If you’ve never followed Lobo to the crazy corners of the DCU, this is the perfect time to jump in, and if you’re a long time Lobo fan you’re going to be curious, if only to know more about that flashback and what happened to Czarnia.

If you want more old-school Lobo to tide you over until the next issue, check out Lobo: Portrait of a Bastich or that time he tried to kill Santa Claus or one of his many cameos, from Justice League International to Reign in Hell to the DCU-spanning epic 52. He shows up everywhere and always when you least expect it, because you can’t keep a bad Czarnian down.

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Kara Szamborski supervises the International Production Team at comiXology and has started reading the original TMNT comics thanks to the latest movie.

c so I guess lobo was never lobo? WTF???

Yeah, they flat out said that was going to be the case before the run even started. I wanted to buy that villain month premier issue to at least read it before I complained too much, but I dunno, that it was sold out at the shop I go to and the owner (who is like the sweetest dude I have ever met running a comic shop) told me it was pretty disappointing anyway. He was like “as your local comic shop owner, you have my permission to download it”. But I didn’t bother, because I didn’t want to be sad and disappointed. Easier to just try to forget about it.

I’ll wait until they go somewhere with this and see if it’s fun or just insulting and misguided before I buy it in a trade or something. All the interviews with the writer for the Villains Month thing were really disconcerting, like very no-fun-allowed goofy Lobo was dumb and no one wants that kind of sentiments, and basically describing her version of the character in ways that made me kind of uncomfortable.

So, hey, this comic gets made, the world keeps on turning. If it’s good it’s good and if it’s terrible, at least Lobo is the single easiest DC character to retcon.

Woah is that top one also yours? It’s gorgeous! Is that a pointillism technique?

yeah, it’s all single needle dotwork by daemonrowanchilde, currently saving up my webcomic pennies to go get the right arm done too.


That doesn’t seem like enough time (the small challenges and finalist) to do anything decent.

Doesn’t a good tattoo take time? and it’s it better to take your time instead of rushing?

Uh… Eight hours and 20-40 hours are both totally reasonable amounts of time to do a quality tattoo. Like, this was a thirty hour tattoo;

This was a two hour tattoo;

If someone had eight hours to put into something that size, they could be precise and careful as hell with it.

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ryulongd replied to your post: katedrawscomics replied to your post: …

how long are they given because something of this magnitude seems like it’s not something you do in a single sitting

I think the smaller challenges they get eight hours and the finalists get something between 20-40 for their big finale one? They’re also… you know… allowed to make these as large or small as they want so if they get over-ambitious and make some huge half-assed mural because they didn’t have time to do something that size properly that’s on them

katedrawscomics replied to your post: Oh my goddddddd the Ink Master pinup c…

Ink master is shit-awful and they’d had perhaps 3 good tattooists on it total.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen an artist I would give money to on Ink Master, a lot of the people they get either have serious flaws in their drawing ability or technical proficiency with the actual act of tattooing, like crooked lines, overworked skin, poor colour saturation, that kind of thing. I think the only person on any of these shows I’ve been legitimately impressed by was Theresa Sharpe on Best Ink.

I try not to bad mouth other art folks but it’s so frustrating that these shows take these artists who produce very disappointing  work and sell them as “the best in the industry”, because the general populace watching these shows who aren’t terribly educated on the subject get the idea that’s what constitutes “the best” tattoo art and either go out and get really awful work done on themselves because they have a totally skewed perception of what constitutes a good tattoo, or if they’re already critical of tattoo art and culture it validates their ideas that tattoos are not “art” and all inevitably look like trashy flash.

Like, the judges on the show positively lauded this piece specifically for it’s great anatomy and shading;

and it’s just like HRGHDFGHSHAGJHGFJ HAVE YOU EVER SEEN A HUMAN BODY? HAVE YOU EVER SEEN LIGHT HIT A HUMAN BODY? This piece takes up this guy’s ENTIRE BACK. This artist received practically zero criticism for this and won the challenge! This is what Spike is telling people quality tattoo art looks like!

In a different season, a finalist decided for her Master Canvas she wanted to do this kind of alarmingly racist pinup of sexy naked native woman in a headdress and no one stopped her to say “hey… that’s… not a good thing to do…”. Her first client walked out and never came back after she finished doing the wolf because he was so uncomfortable with the piece and wasn’t allowed to ask her to come up with something else so they had to find her a new dude willing to wear her vision on his back forever.

Oh my god Spike TV what is wrong with youuuuu


Haven’t hatched any babies for a while because they’ve been selling kind of slow but here are a new batch.

Maybe 15,000 for either female and 25,000 for the maize crackle boy?


Haven’t hatched any babies for a while because they’ve been selling kind of slow but here are a new batch.

Maybe 15,000 for either female and 25,000 for the maize crackle boy?

tfw ur coatl is finally ready to breed and it only makes one egg

tfw ur coatl is finally ready to breed and it only makes one egg