Illustrator J. Bone Blah Blah Blog (superheroes) - Man’s Adventure (hunky dudes, nsfw in places) — has been one of my biggest inspirations in recent years. His style hits this particular level of “cartooniness” that I’d love to reach. Not that I’m emulating his style*, but there’s stuff I’ve learned from his art that I’ve been trying to incorporate into my own:
- starting each drawing by establishing the spine as a strong line of motion (this goes back to Preston Blair’s animation book too)
- building anatomy as a grouping of geometric shapes, alternating straight lines and angles
- variation in line width and weight as a method of shading & indicating depth of form (I am still terrible at this, and spot blacks)
- keeping lines even in still forms full of life (I am also terrible at this, but getting better)


* but OH MY GOD, dem brushtrokes and chisel lines. SO JEALOUS OF THOSE LINES. AAAH. If I ever find myself swimming in cash I might maybe maybe attempt to commission a drawing of my guys, because seriously wouldn’t they look great in that style?

Rebloggan for dem character designs.

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