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Ultimate Spider-Man animated show trailer.

I.. don’t know how to feel about this.

Why does Pete look like Ethan from Ctrl+Alt+del? Were those… chibis? I’m not sure I like this voice actor.

Oh god I miss Spectacular Spider-Man.

Nice 1992 hair, Mr. Parker.




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    first I was like cool, but ehhhhhh I don’t know now. Where’s my season three of Spectacular Spider-Man?
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    so many complaints and yet IM happy to see this. i guess i’m alone? THIS plus Avengers EMH and i will jizz across the...
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    Even with all the ridiculous censorship I will always love you most, 90’s FOX Peter.
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    seriously it looks really good and its actually funny
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    lol at Ironfist being some shadowy dark figure at 0:28. Not even going to lie, Ironfist is the reason I’m excited for...
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    This looks good…
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    Um, this looks awesome. Very fun. And Drake Bell as Spidey? Pretty good. And it’s a lot like the earlier issues of...
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    Um…this is…at least he’s interacting with other heroes, I do love when they do that…but chibis. Really? So I’m totally...
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    any show that references its own name clearly is a must watch, but seriously i think i can enjoy this show lol
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    This looks amazing, and a lot like the Ultimate Spider-Man comic. That’s what he looks like in that, or did any of you...
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    I will run to the TV like this and just sit in front of it starry eyed like I did when the other 7 animated Spider-Man...
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    Why are you all hating on this? geez
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