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Theory of what Pyramid Head might look like under his helmet.

-Special thanks to Silent Evil for the link

This is an amazing bust, and the level of detail on it is amazing. However I was under the impression that Silent Hill 3 addressed this? In particular this right here:

It’s not Valtiel. The model isn’t wearing black, and seems to be lacking some very distinctive marks on his shoulders and the tears on his forearms Valtiel has. Symbolism or not, the resemblance seems to be strong enough to imply there’s really not a lot to discern.

In any case, it’s still fun to see what people imagine is under that helmet! Not knowing is half the fun really!

i have never heard that theory befor eand this bust rules.

i always subscribed to the “its a james face” under the mask theory but the silent hill 3 nod is cool too

I always just superimposed the ealy kind of faceless iterations of the character from the concept art for what was under the helmet.

But a James head makes sense too.

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    No, Red Pyramid Thing doesn’t have anything under the “mask” because quite simply there is NO mask; it is his HEAD....
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    Wow mind-blown
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    SH2 game > movie on all counts. All. Counts.
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