This is Isis, a $200+ luxury puzzle that we carry at Marbles, the brainy games store where I now work.  We got to learn a bit about this thing today and actually handle the floor model, which feels like it weighs five pounds.  It moves with refined, watch-like precision and is exquisite, refined, and mysterious in every sense.  It looks like the thing that you shouldn’t touch in every Egyptian-themed horror movie, only more beautiful.  

Isis is the first in a series of five puzzles, only three of which are available currently - the last is set to be released in 2016.  Each puzzle has a secret, because here’s where it gets really exciting.  Even though Isis is one of the hardest puzzles in the world, once you open it, you’re only half done.  Inside you find a serial number for a key (a physical key that the Isis manufacturers will send you) that unlocks a hidden pyramid in a secret global location.  You can find money.  Actual money.  This is the closest to all of my sexy globe-trotting mummy-cursed archaeologist fantasies that I will probably ever get. 

I think I might be sexually attracted to this puzzle.

I swear to christ I’ve never heard of this before but I actually had a dream where people kind of did something similar to this only instead of just a ball they were whole manufactured ruins built in the middle of the city and every year they’d unveil a new one and if you were smart enough to figure out the mysteries you could win ridiculous amounts of money.

it’s a fucking ace idea and I’m kind of terrified that someone had the same idea only in a more marketable way.

Shit, I know I’d steal this for a story hook.

We will show you such pleasures.

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