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Sometimes I wonder if the people defending supporters of hate groups like the Family Research Council would be as quick to defend backers of other, more widely recognized hate groups. Like, if you’d hear the same lines of reasoning in their defense. Arguments like “I am 100% in support of Jewish rights but it is completely wrong to bag on a guy for backing the Aryan brotherhood” or “even if they did donate money to the KKK, it’s not like they told them to use it to buy crosses for burning on people’s lawns!”

I just wonder if the kind of people who say “_____ is great but I support your right to be dangerously intolerant of it” extend that same kind of freedom from social responsibility to all forms of hate speech and bigotry. Freedom of speech protects you from legal consequence, it does not protect you from being told your opinions are shitty and you should be ashamed of them.

I’m sure people will say it’s a hyperbole to compare the FRC to the KKK, but we’re talking about a group who lobbied against pressuring another country to throw out proposed legislation that would allow them to execute homosexuals, and that’s only one item in their laundry list of intolerance.

I dunno, just something that’s been on my mind lately.

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    Freedom of speech protects you from legal consequence, it does not protect you from being told your opinions are shitty...
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  18. thesawbones said: I am obliged to allow any group or person to voice their thoughts regardless of their opinion. However, when they act on those thoughts, they cross the line to unacceptability. so if a corporation makes a stance, i may find it unpleasant but acceptable. If a corporation uses…
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