I really like that Mia has kind of a Christina Hendricks-esque figure when you look at her next to some of the other girls in the game. Or that Franziska has a comparatively drastic waist-to-hips ratio when you look at her next to other characters like Dahlia. It’s always an added bonus when they give some body diversity to the female characters that are meant to be attractive instead of just making a “this is the hot girl mold and we’ll only deviate from it to make characters that are explicitly meant to be less attractive” situation.

On that note, I appreciate that they have characters like Lotta who aren’t exceptionally sexy OR intentionally unappealing! She just wears a lot of layers and doesn’t have her body on display! And that there are characters like Ema who also dress fairly conservatively but are still cute and fashionable!

A lot of the time when people say “wow I wish all of the women in this game didn’t look/dress the same”, other people act like you’re trying to take away ALL SEXY LADIES EVER FOREVER. Ace attorney just…. does a lot of things right. Having sporty, utilitarian characters like Lotta doesn’t erase the curvy bombshells in low cut shirts like Mia, having modest business casual field scientists like Ema doesn’t mean Franziska isn’t walking around in a miniskirt. And the girls who do dress provocatively never seem like they’re like… designed that way for the benefit of the hormonal teenage boys playing the games, if that makes any sense? It might be because the focus of the game is looking at people’s faces and you almost never see them from below the ribcage, but like, Mia for example, is a lawyer who dresses kind of like she weekends as a biker mama. It’s kind of an inappropriate way for a lawyer to stock up their wardrobe, but for her, it gives me an impression like “this character is confident and formidable, she knows how to bend the rules and she won’t get pushed around” instead of “Somebody probably thought this was sexy”.

I think part of it has to do with giving all of the characters individual personalities, as well as fashion sensibilities and body types that suit those personalities instead of treating the women like an interchangeable Barbie doll; and part of it has to do with keeping the more offbeat outfits wacky-within-reason instead of just making something completely inappropriate and propping it up with the EMPOWERED PEOPLE WEAR WHATEVER THEY WANT excuse. Like, Mia’s outfit is a little edgy for lawyer garb because it’s basically a corset and a miniskirt with a suit jacket, it’s not some kind of way-out-there latext catsuit and she’s not hanging around the courtroom in her underwear. That and Mia’s the only one who dresses like Mia. (I also appreciate that she’s also got that little pudge-crease across her lower abdomen that thicker women get when they wear tight skirts while smaller girls like Franzika and Daliah don’t, it’s a detail I feel like a lot of designers would skip if they were going for straight-up sexy)

I know I said some stuff along these days a few days ago, but I had a ton of people send me messages about how they felt the Ace Attorney folks really dropped the ball on the women in the game and I feel like that’s just not giving them enough credit, because they are doing a lot of cool stuff.

This is kind of off-topic but I don’t know if I care enough to make a whole separate post about it, so while I’m here I may as well put it out there that I also appreciate the way they manage to do fanservicey stuff with masculine characters that actually looks like fanservice, instead of just being another power fantasy display. It’s not just like “look we made this beefy dude scowl, that’s exactly as sexy as that girl with the bedroom eyes and her ass in the air, right?” instead it’s stuff like this;

Or this;

Pinup art that’s goofy and fun and in-character with tons of personality! My favourite thing!

I just have more fun talking about media that I really like, doing cool things that I appreciate than trying to call out every instance of people making the same mistakes that everyone’s been making since the dawn of pop culture. It gets me excited and inspired instead of angry and pessimistic.

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