I draw the webcomic Manly Guys Doing Manly Things and work on cartoons you might see on TV sometimes.


My creative process, apparently

- okay so let’s say Tig tells Blue his town is super boring and Blue feels like it’s his obligation to be a good host and find something to entertain him with
- but Blue is super shy and avoidant so pretty much the only fun thing he would probably think to do with other people is take them horseback riding
- but that’s kind of ordinary for him, it’s like asking someone if they want to drive around in your car. Maybe instead of horses he thinks it’s super fun to ride the big elephant-sized Bison cattle-replacement-thing they farm, so he just shimmies up the side of one like he’s in a Shadow of the Colossus tutorial level and thinks it’s the best thing.
- Even if he had the upper body strength to follow him up there, Tigris would probably be too worried about getting his pants dirty to want to ride any kind of animal.
- Blue would probably tell him to wear jeans, but even his jeans would be too fancy and designer for bison-riding.
- wow, he is a literal fancypants.

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