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nekoama replied to your photo: My David’s Tea stuff came in! I haven’t had a…

I got so excited when I saw you talk about Toasted Marshmallow and then I see you say it has hazelnuts in it and now I’m sad.

If it’s an allergy thing you should keep away, but if it’s a taste thing I didn’t really notice it.

  1. deenaabeanie said: Most of the time you post cool Homestuck shit - I tend to follow a bunch of blogs with the same sort of tastes as me so that I don’t have to go tag trolling as much. <3
  2. nekoama said: It’s an allergy thing, I tragically have no idea what hazelnuts even taste like. Nutella mocks me. It never even occured to me to check tea ingredients before though, so this may have saved me grief down the road!
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