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rainbowbob-deactivated20130813 asked
Hey, who is your favorite antihero? I've always been a fan of the Punisher myself, especially in his PunisherMAX series, but I'd love to see who is your number one.

Either Frank Castle or Lobo, they’re about the only characters I care about at Marvel and DC respectively.

  1. walterthekyle said: Lobo does not get enough credit. I see some many people who love Deadpool but shrug when Lobo is mentioned. I do not understand this. Mongrels.
  2. surfdog2000 said: lobo is the only mainstream comics character worth caring about and that’s a fact
  3. pleg said: how can anyone not love lobo to bits and pieces
  4. lilsharko said: is Punisher MAX better/bad/the same since the new teams moved on, i stopped after ennis’s run end
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