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I just got a bill from the ER I was taken to after the accident four months ago asking $420 for the literally the zero services they provided for me. The doctor just told me I obviously wasn’t bleeding internally and that there was nothing to they could do about cracked ribs so it wasn’t even worth an xray to accurately assess the damage. And then wrote me a prescription for painkillers.

Wait, actually, they did make me do a urine sample because they said they have to ask women for them. Which seems kind of funny now that I think about it, “we don’t really care if your ribs are broken but it’s mandatory that we know if you’re pregnant (or whatever they would be exclusively checking women for).

And I know it’s not the ambulance, because Brett got billed for that.

  1. ozziescribbler said: We Poles consider our public health care system to be basically non-working, but apparently American one is even worse, as it pretends to be working and takes cash for it At least the money is taken from our taxes, so we’re not billed constantly.
  2. logicalmania said: If they try to do that stupid urine test thing to you again, you can refuse and instead sign a waiver stating that they’re not responsible for whatever might happen if you did happen to be pregnant.
  3. michaelk42 said: I had to pay around $5,000 for the exactly NOTHING the ER actually did for me when I had my stroke… because they couldn’t figure out it was a stroke.
  4. lauren-draws-things said: Welcome to shitty health care. Enjoy your stay.
  5. transcanadianhighway said: do you have insurance? because usually you can just pay it then hand the reciept over to them for cash back.
  6. owljolson said: American healthcare! I went to the ER once for a horrible pulsing rash where they did basically jack shit & didn’t know what it was. Final bill: $1000+.
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    I hate the ER. Went in for whiplash after a card accident, came out 45 mins later with a $4K bill :-/ In all that time I...
  8. vwcarmats said: man what the fuck
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    Another reason as to why the last place i would really wanna be is the hospital if i ever got hurt.
  10. bunny-smiles said: america
  11. numerosix said: Wow, that’s shitty… :(
  12. teantacles said: Welcome to America! Land of fucking everyone over for monetary gain!
  13. tuffnoodle said: From what my mom tells me, they basically bill you for emergency equipment/stuff they might have to use, it’s like a “just in case” thing. They’re racking up the bill as soon as you get there (or in the ambulance), whether they use that stuff or not :/
  14. theskaldspeaks said: This happened to my brother once. As a kid, he bit through his lower lip. Like, through it. ER doc said no stiches, gave him neosporin and and a bandaid for $300.
  15. charadesarchive said: This was the USA not Canada, right? Because this is basically the reason I am sitting at home with random body pain instead of getting it checked out. Last time I got it checked out, it was over $400
  16. lunulata said: Once my dad got charged $300 for sitting in the ER then leaving because he was there for 8 hours with a split open finger from a chainsaw accident and no one helped him. He filled out his information, though, and that’s how he got billed.
  17. dividebyzerowned said: This is ludicrously prevalent because nobody ever checks the bill, let alone is able to read it, so hospitals pad the bill - racketeering, plain and simple. Asking the hospital to explain every line usually results in half of them disappearing.
  18. nekoama said: Good god America.
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    I feel your pain there. I was taken to the ER once because one night I randomly started getting weird chest pains,...
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    I got sent a 260$ invoice once for a strep throat swab during the process of switching provincial healthcards, but...
  21. anniefelis said: That’s probably the ER “processing fee”, also known as the “bullshit fee we charge because we can”. Good ol’ USA healthcare.
  22. skie-dragon said: So you got charged to pee in a bottle. Nice. :p
  23. solarpillar said: How is this country still standing again?
  24. dicksweredinner said: Mail the bill to your insurance, then mail the doctor a picture of you smoking weed while holding $420 dollars. 420 erryday bitches.
  25. fablepaint said: They probably wanted to avoid liability in case of miscarriages should they have to drug you with stuff not good for babies. Covering their asses, basically.
  26. shadesofnight76 said: It is amazing that they can charge you for absolutely nothing, amazing and disgraceful. Sorry you are getting suckered like that!
  27. deliciouspineapple said: Eww, that sucks. Better than my friend who went in for a torso CT and got a bill for $7000. For one CT. And the co-pay on his insurance did nothing. :/
  28. leviathanbones said: That’s bullshit dude.
  29. bluesigma said: What are you going to do about it? :/
  30. hokuto-ju-no-ken said: Yay American healthcare. It’s good you were given a prescription for painkillers instead of just given some or else you would’ve been paying a looooot more.
  31. cafiffle said: I once got charged $900 to sit around in agony for two hours and finally be told I had lower back pain, godspeed to you
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