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Hello everyone! Artist Anthony Clark told Tumblr that you could get good at drawing by practicing it, and apparently thousands of people disagree with him!

I didn’t know that was a thing you could disagree with. Color me informed!

Of course it is.  Goes against the usual narrative of artists being “talented” (as opposed to “hard-working”), and threatens everybody who kind of draws and wants to draw better but just doesn’t put in the time and writes it off later as not being talented enough - and there’s lots of those on the internet, and they don’t like being told to spend their time working rather than being self-deprecating.


Yes, I still feel strongly about this.

and also yes i promise to post actual art today instead of yelling at people to do some.

But no, seriously, don’t use talent as an excuse.

The idea of “natural” talent is so damaging, I don’t know why people would want to believe that. When I believed in being gifted (in art and other areas), when I struggled with something, I didn’t push myself to work through it because “oh, I don’t have the talent for this task” and stopped, therefore guaranteeing no progress would be made and fueling the fire of this belief.

And I was so miserable, believing that kinda shit, because I felt worthless without what I thought was talent. It’s really shooting yourself in the foot. Don’t do it guys. Hardwork and motivation will get you where you want to be eventually. Trust me on this one.

Remember that time I said that if you want to be a writer you need to at least attempt to write things and Tumblr got angry and claimed that the people who never write their ideas down are the best writers of all because their stories are too beautiful to be contained?

Tumblr really likes to disagree with things that involve effort sometimes.

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