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EXCITING NEWS! This is a show some of my friends from the Ugly Americans crew have been working on putting together and pitching around and it’s finally ready enough to tease the world with trailers! It’s written and directed by Mathias Horhager, one of my co-board-artists on the first season of Ugly Americans who stayed on for the second season after I frittered off to California, and one of the most seriously Awesome dudes that ever was or will be. Like, seriously, this guy sent me an entire crate of Ketchup chips because I was homesick for Canada once.

This is the main trailer, but they also have a site over here, a couple other youtube teasers, and a game!

Not only are all the dudes working on this great people, Solis is a really awesome animation studio that respects its animators and supports internal development in Canada (which you’d know is a pretty Big Freaking Deal if you’ve had any experience with the Canadian animation industry), so it would be really awesome if people could pass this on and help stir up buzz about it!

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    Neat. I’m excited :)
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    I wish you all the luck, will and unicorn power one human can achieve. I’m excited now :3
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    My very talented friends at the very talented studio I used to work at finally released the trailer for a VERY hilarious...
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    Reblabing to watch in the morning!
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