I draw the webcomic Manly Guys Doing Manly Things and work on cartoons you might see on TV sometimes.


I totally caved and got this rad Eusapia from Miss Monster so I could bring her home to terrorize Link and all that fun stuff. Man, she is so much bigger than I was expecting! And her hair is so soft! Aaah it’s great!

And oh man Melita Curphy is seriously the nicest person! It’s like you know when you meet someone cool and you’re like “oh no they are so cool there is no reason for them to talk to me…” But they do anyway! And they’re awesome! And it turns out your heroes are just totally chill folks

Monsterpalooza has been great so far!

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    OH MY GOD I WANTED HER SO BADLY I didn’t have enough money though, or was sure I didn’t so didn’t ask for a price. Miss...
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  3. ohgreatblackbunny said: this is so cool! was Monstepalooza in LA? living my whole life in socal and I never heard of it, this is sad. Looks like you had a great time
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    Oh man! :o Totally jealous right now, those Eusapia dolls of Miss Monsters are incredible! That’s so cool that you got...
  5. iridogorgia said: I super know how you feel. Echo Chernik was at a convention and I was super shy and also super pregnant so I didn’t want to go and take up all the space at her booth, but she waved me over and totally gave me baby advice. I was starstruck, haha
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    I absolutely love when my posts on my dashboard from different people intersect IRL.
  7. abhorrentialism said: One hero buying from another. So awesome. So jealous.
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