I draw the webcomic Manly Guys Doing Manly Things and work on cartoons you might see on TV sometimes.


Okay bleh distraction from the heavy stuff have some life drawings. I started going in with a copic marker but it was being super bleedy so I ended up switching to a really fine, stiff kuretake brush pen. Finer point than last time. Time was kind of all over the place because people were requesting she hold the poses longer but they’re all about 2-5 minutes.

I feel like every time I go to life drawing I end up drawing the model as though they’re a dozen different people with different bodies because every pose emphasizes a different part of the anatomy and I get wrapped up in exaggerating those features.

Wow, I just looked at these fullsize on my desktop and some of them are kind of shitty photos sorry about that.

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  5. dicksweredinner said: Have you tried blind contour? It doesn’t make pretty lifedrawings but it’s helped me with keeping parts of the model consistent. That or going into purely 13 lines only or bust type exercises. These look pretty good though, not seeing the issues
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  9. cearbhal said: i love your lines. thank you for— cheesy as it sounds— inspiring me to work on my own skills.
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  14. bucketofchum said: The one of her back where she is holding her hair up. Beautiful rendition of back muscles! :D