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For anyone wondering about the size, logistics of carrying the new cintiq companion around, this is it with the case it came in.

All zipped up and self-contained it’s about the size of a 17”Macbook pro and maybe 2” at it’s thickest where the pen case pocket is. The case is black and lined with soft, fuzzy kaiju blue material. There are two pockets besides the main one for the computer, a small one for the pen and a larger one that can hold a small bluetooth keyboard (which I bought separately - HP K4000)

This is how big the case and computer itself are next to an iPad for a sense of scale. I saw the Surface pro at Best Buy today when I was grabbing that keyboard and the Cintiq Companion screen is significantly larger, with 13.3” vs the Surface’s 10.6” and a 1920x1080 resolution to 1366x768, in case that helps influence anyone’s decision between the two.

The computer itself is extremely lightweight and barely seems heavier than an iPad. All bundled up, it fits very nicely in my bag with my sketchbook, markers, and pencil case at a fraction the weight and space it took to carry my laptop and intuos tablet or the supposedly more portable regular 13” cintiq.

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    I don’t have the money for this (god I wish I had the money for this) but this is a good reference for the physical size...
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  10. anastasiusfocht said: This is random, but could you post a photo of your leather messenger bag? I like the size of it and have been looking for a new one. Where did you get yours?