All money raised by the "Misandry in Video Games" project will be going to charity.

There has also been some doubts regarding what will we do the money - I thought we made it pretty clear from the get-go, but some people seem to still having doubts about it! If we don’t hit our goal, our money goes back to the backers. If we (hopefully!) reach our goal, out of the money we raise a total of 4% will go to Indiegogo as per their terms of use. From the remaining 96%, whatever money is left unspent from the production/administrative will be going to the following causes to help with the great work they carry out:

25% - Prostate Cancer Foundation (
25% - Ovarian Cancer Research Fund (
50% - Lungevity (

Well’, you may ask, ‘How much money will go to production costs?’ - A well-calculated, yet non-official estimate yields that we’re going to use a whopping total of $0.00 for production/administrative costs. ‘But!’, you say now, ‘That means you’re not spending money at all on the project?’ You’re absolutely right! This is because it doesn’t cost us (and anyone, really) money to produce bona-fide web video episodes. 

So, considering we don’t really need a lot of money to make videos, would you call this a fundraiser? I guess so!

That’s nice that they’re giving money to charity and all, but hoo boy is it ever spreading willful ignorance to say there is no cost associated with making web video content. Just because you choose to make something for free doesn’t mean the actual cost of it is free, especially if you’re considering the cost of labour (which a lot of people seem to think is “out of line” for some reason). Claiming that it is just contributes to the misinformed accusations that every other vlogger, web animator, webcomic artist, or really, content producer of any kind online has to put up with when they try to fundraise for a project.

Basically what it comes down to is 1) Just because you’re willing to do something for free doesn’t mean that sort of content actually is free to produce 2) Just because a veiwer might not have personally paid for content to be made, doesn’t mean no one did. A lot of premium content you find online was bankrolled by the channel associated with it (PA TV, Escapist if the escapist ever got around to paying people, Mondo, College Humor, Smosh, ect) 3) As the saying goes “Artists are their own worst enemies, there’s always someone willing to do it for less”. No matter how angry you are at a particular internet personality whose project may have seen an unexpected amount of support, saying things like “web videos don’t cost anyone anything to make” is doing nothing but throwing your content-producing peers who DO factor in things like equipment, studio space, software, labour, lawyers, licensing, and other such expenses under the bus.