I draw the webcomic Manly Guys Doing Manly Things and work on cartoons you might see on TV sometimes.


Just is time for Halloween, the last Creepypasta I illustrated for Polaris! This one is Our Little Roanoke, and they told me to go all out for it so I gotta say I am pretty proud of some of the stuff I drew for this one. I think that’s probably the first time I’ve ever attempted to draw an abandoned lumber mill, but I’m super happy with how it turned out.

This one was really fun to work on because it reminded me of my childhood running around the woods and looking for broken old sheds to crawl around on.

The second creepypasta story I illustrated for Polaris is up! This one is The Message. More to come!

So Hey! I’m allowed to show off one of the (several) freelance things I’ve been working on this month! The folks over at Polaris were putting together a creepypastapalooza to celebrate Halloween and came to me for a handful of spooky illustrations to compliment their narration! This one is Pale Luna, one of my favourite creepypasta stories but there are more to come so keep on the lookout!


It’s here! It’s finally done!

A month and a half and nearly 90 pages later, this sketchbook is fully complete. It started as an exercise in construction, composition, inking and coloring, but it slowly became an album of art that had input from dozens of people. A lot of you guys helped me out by suggesting Pokemon for me to draw, and I would probably still be working on it or have given up by now if not for you!

So now that I’ve finished, I’ve scanned and uploaded every page to a Flickr set for you guys to go see. There were a few photos and scans on Tumblr and Twitter, but I never showed off the whole thing until now.

Thanks for all of the support, everyone! Now I just need to start on a NEW sketchbook! Hmmm….

Good job, man, Really outstanding stuff! Man, What I’d give to see you doing actual character designs on these games…

I hate to ask because I don’t want to be the guy who bugs people to draw stuff, but have you ever done a Gyarados before? I was just wondering because they’re my favourite :P


Illustrator J. Bone Blah Blah Blog (superheroes) - Man’s Adventure (hunky dudes, nsfw in places) — has been one of my biggest inspirations in recent years. His style hits this particular level of “cartooniness” that I’d love to reach. Not that I’m emulating his style*, but there’s stuff I’ve learned from his art that I’ve been trying to incorporate into my own:
- starting each drawing by establishing the spine as a strong line of motion (this goes back to Preston Blair’s animation book too)
- building anatomy as a grouping of geometric shapes, alternating straight lines and angles
- variation in line width and weight as a method of shading & indicating depth of form (I am still terrible at this, and spot blacks)
- keeping lines even in still forms full of life (I am also terrible at this, but getting better)


* but OH MY GOD, dem brushtrokes and chisel lines. SO JEALOUS OF THOSE LINES. AAAH. If I ever find myself swimming in cash I might maybe maybe attempt to commission a drawing of my guys, because seriously wouldn’t they look great in that style?

Rebloggan for dem character designs.