I draw the webcomic Manly Guys Doing Manly Things and work on cartoons you might see on TV sometimes.


Hey, Nick started airing that Marvin Marvin show starring the “It’s Fred” kid, we animated the intro sequence here at Six Point! Designs were by Canada’s own Chris Darnborough who is one of the most insanely talented artists I know.

HEY GUYS! This is the awesome project I’ve been killing myself over the past couple weeks. Six Point Got hired to animate this trailer/short thing advertising that new Jason Statham movie, Parker. The writing is uh… kinda corny, but there’s some fun action stuff in there! Four of us ended up cranking out the animation in two weeks (including the shadow pass, which had to be traditionally animated over the entire short after the rest of the animation had been approved), which is absolutely insane, considering some of the more actiony, traditional shots in there could take a day or two each to rough and clean up. The BG guys were even more impressive, three of them did all the backgrounds in something absolutely insane, like three days.

When you go to work and they say “okay so now we’re going to pay you a real life adult salary to come to work every day and draw Jason Statham braining thugs with a whiskey bottle”, I pretty much count that as “the reason I got into this business”.

Yay Fox posted the Fringe scene we did on their youtube!

Six Point and Titmouse’s joint animation channel, Rug Burn, has officially launched with the Axe Cop motion comic! Be on the lookout for more Axe Cop, plus Dog Snack, Duke of Fancy, Apollo Gauntlet, Weekend Pilots, and a whole heap of others!

Brand New Apollo Gauntlet trailer featuring Mike’s big acting debut!

I’m stupid excited for this show, I even made an Apollo Gaunlet Halloween pumpkin.

My friends Ed and Lynn have an upcoming youtube series about dogs and farts and catchy music and it makes me laugh so much I cry and you should be excited for it.

Trailer for an upcoming Rug Burn series a couple of my workbros made! (If you were among the people who read Zack’s book, there’ll probably be some familiar themes…)

Six Point made this! :D Everyone worked really hard, you should watch it. It was the reason Tom Hanks bought us all In-N-Out that one time.

(I didn’t work on this show, I was on Good Vibes at the time)

Yahoo has the whole series posted up if you want more!


The folks following me here on Tumblr may or may not know that I work at Six Point Harness animation studio (the folks behind Nickelodeon’s El Tigre, MTV’s Good Vibes, The Drawn Together movie, and more). And you may or may not know that Six Point is home to Ed Skudder and Zack Keller, creators of the Mondo series, Dick Figures. You probably remember it from posting animated gifs of the characters doing funny things on your tumblrs a lot.

The style of Dick Figures is very much about using simple character designs to allow animation quality you wouldn’t normally be able to pull off with a youtube series budget. The people here work very hard on it, and have really made something to be proud of.

Some fans have expressed interest in a Dick Figures movie, so Ed and Zack have decided to take it to kickstarter. Crowd sourcing the movie like this means that they would be able to make it their way, without having to rely on producers who would turn the process into a matter of committee approval and quite likely turn it into something completely different than the creators envision.

Funding this project would be amazing, it would completely revolutionize the options available for the creators of animated features in this day and age.

The kickstarter is asking for $250,000 for a half-hour special, but if we make it to $700,000, we can produce a full hour and a half feature film. Contributing to this kickstarter, or even just spreading the word along means you are personally supporting the livelihood of every person in our studio.

And I cannot stress how much that means to all of us.