I’m very bad at making videos, but I thought I’d give it a try.

If you didn’t watch it, then yes, it’s just me awkwardly asking for donations to get to South Korea.  I’ve been accepted to the job within the next month and startup costs are high.

The (one way) plane ticket will be at least $1000, potentially a lot more if my paperwork isn’t done fast. Yes, this does get reimbursed, but not for about a month afterwards when I start getting paid, so it counts as a large startup cost.

The costs of the paperwork (getting apostilles, criminal background check, visa certification, overnight FedEx shipping for all of that). I’ve paid a lot into this already, but there is still a bit more that needs to get done, and it’d be great to recoup losses.

The costs of housing and moving to a new country.  I can’t take most of my essentials with me (kitchen supplies, cleaning supplies, etc) and I may need to pay the rent in the new country myself (eventually to be subsidized by work) and the website lists a possible agent/broker fee for finding the apartment. 

General living requirements, such as food, public transportation, laundry, etc, until I start getting paid.

And again, this is all for the two to four weeks of unpaid living I’ll be doing.  The website for the company I’m going through claims that the ticket is roughly 1000, and then recommends bringing another 1000-1500 for living expenses for the first month.  I’ve been living paycheck to paycheck here, and scraping enough off the top to be able to afford all of this has been a difficult struggle. I’m selling practically everything I own, from old coats, to books, to the computer that I’m typing this off of, before I leave the country, and even that isn’t going to get me too far.

I wish there were something I could give in return, but I don’t do a whole lot. I write as a hobby but that doesn’t get very far.  I’m a terrible artist, a worse singer, and nobody wants to see me dance on their webcams.  I can wingman for you at a bar or play video games, and that’s about the extent of my talents.  But I am just a legitimately friendly guy who tries really hard and realizes his limits, and is able to swallow his pride and ask for help from generous strangers on the internet.

So if you are willing to help, then I appreciate it more than you could know! If you think of something I can do to help you in return, I’d be more than glad to do it (within reason of course).  That aside, thanks for watching, thanks for reading, thanks for reblogging, and thank-you-as-hard-as-I-can for a donation to the cause.

Oh, and follow this link to get to the donation page.