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Episode 13 - The Harbinger’s 2012 BioWare Birthday Bash!

It’s The Harbinger’s second annual BioWare Birthday Bash! Featuring the birthday boys Captain Man and Balactus, The Dude Von Doom, Mysterius X, Kelly Turnbull (Coelasquid), R.I.D., and Ferrous Fellow. (Rocom and Balactica were also present, but they were too enthralled with the conversation to stay awake). With the excitement over Mass Effect 3 in the air, the indoctrinated Harbers and guests revisit 1 and 2 and discuss the series at large. We also touch on Dragon Age, a possible Harbinger clan for xbox 360, and a startling revelation about the (not-)Baldwin Brothers!




Oh hey it’s that thing I made that cake for.


Oh I’ve noticed the recycled gestures, playing both Dragon Age games and Mass Effects. Its a game now, to label the movements. ‘The spine-twist-over-the-shoulder-look-back” and the ‘Startled-hand-spasm”

I don’t know why they would get lazy with lines. The way that Jack speaks the line, doesn’t sound like her in character.

Yes, they all do say the line differently, but could they not just…Word it slightly different? Or did it take up too much time to be bothered with it? Maybe they thought we wouldn’t notice one line of dialogue. But given it is such a huge game with so much dialogue…

I can understand that the script writers could of gotten lazy at some points.

Assuming they write Mass Effect the same way they make Dragon age, they have a team writers each assigned a couple characters, with every writer responsible for treating their assigned character like an RP personality and keeping them distinct and in-character through the different situations. It’s not like it’s one guy sitting at a computer scrawling six novels worth of dialogue trying to rack his brain for different reactions. There’s really no excuse for something like that besides laziness, poor oversight, or possibly “that guy got fired that morning”

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Your superiors are sending you to certain death for no good reason. You have a right to disobey.

Am I the only one who noticed that all three women in the group say the exact same thing? And two of them have the almost exact same movement too?

Unless somebody improperly captioned it. 

Please be the latter. PLEASE.

Yeah, I was wondering that as well.

Yeah, all three say the same thing. 

Tali, Jack, Jacob and Mordin all have the same movement.

Thane and Zaeed have the same movement. 

Legion and Grunt have the same movement.

Its all do with the models. And lazy script writing in some parts.

The animation thing is to be expected from Bioware, they have like three canned conversation gestures that they cycle through for everything so the characters always appear to be reacting appropriately no matter what dialogue options you go through. That much is par for the course.

Giving three distinct characters with different personalities the same line is disappointing and sloppy, and less than what I’ve come to expect from Bioware. Because if there’s one thing they’re usually on the ball with, it’s characters.

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Bioware doesn’t write deep female characters? OH NO THE SECRET’S OUT!

Bioware does a better job than almost every video game company out there of making their women distinct and characterized beyond “eye candy” or “love interest”. Dropping the ball like that seems out of character for them. They’re usually about as fleshed out as the guys are.

At least, I’m sure if you went to a Mass Effect/Dragon Age fan and said “Jack, Tali, Miranda, Samara, Morrigan, Shale, Aveline, Leliana, Wynne, Isabela, Merril, Flemmeth, and Knight Commander Meredith are all interchangeable” they’d have some strong words for you.