Pretty sure I require these boots if I plan to continue ruling Barter Town.

can we agree that separating the bottom of your foot from the ground should kind of be a minimum requirement for something to be considered a shoe?

can we agree that separating the bottom of your foot from the ground should kind of be a minimum requirement for something to be considered a shoe?




Long Fall boots v. 1.5

Now with 30% snazzier paint job, and +5 to soul durability!

A joking aside it has taken me way to long to finish the overhaul on these, but it is finally done and i am happy with the results.

After patching a few cracks, adjusting the bend of one of the braces and a new paint job with a better quality paint they look 20x better.


Wow, these are fantastic!

While we’re on the subject of impractical heels I would wear in my casual life.

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Do you have any suggestions on boots for people with larger calves? I can’t wear knee high boots, generally, because of this. I’m female, if that makes a difference.

I’m right on the precipice of having calves too thick for most knee-high boots. I used to bike a lot and I never lost the SUPER SHAPELY MUSCULAR CALVES, but it’s kind of a pain because at the same time they’re too small for most boots that are made with larger calves in mind.

Easiest solution is to shop online for “wide calf” boots. I actually feel kind of bad, because I was seeking out plus size model references a couple months ago and saw a fashion blog with an article on fashionable, affordable plus size boots, but I forget where it was (EDIT: Think this was it). WideWidths is stocked entirely with wide calf boots. There’s an article on Yahoo called “A plus size fashionista’s guide to knee-high boots" that discusses having boots altered if you’ve fallen in love with a pair that doesn’t fit. She also recommends zappos, which lets you narrow search results to only include wide calves and apparently has a great return policy. If you find a pair with a tongue wide enough to cover your leg, but the laces can’t be done all the way up to the top, you can order longer custom laces from companies like Shoe Laces Express (that’s enough to fix most of the problems I have with my knee-high boots).

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Someday, Somewhere. They will make boy boots this fun. I just hope I live that long.

They’re unisex boots, this particular pair is probably too small for most men (Men’s 6 women’s 8), but they had up to US men’s 13 before the style was discontinued and sold out. Here are the full galleries of men’s/unisex Steampunk, platform, techno, combat, and classic leather shoes from the same company.

You can get everything from steel plated, chained, buckled black leather stuff like this

to pink platform shoes like this

in sizes up to US men’s 13. Pretty much the only thing they don’t have for men are the high heels. But if you do want men’s stilettos, I’ve heard bananaShoes carries products by Divine Footwear (the factory the movie Kinky Boots was based on) if you’re looking for straight up high-heeled “women’s” style boots designed for men’s feet and bodies. (Even if they don’t specify they’re for men some styles run up to US 14)

There are a number of British companies that sell similarly fun boots, unfortunately most of the ones I was a fan of (Underground England, TUK) seem to have dialed it back and gotten rid of most of their offbeat styles. Boots 4 all has some fun stuff they seem to have discontinued, at least.

Most stores that cater to the metal/goth/rockabilly demographic will be well stocked with similarly exciting boots, you just need to keep an eye out for them.

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Hot damn! :O where can i get me a pair of those!

They’re Demonia boots, but this style is out of… manufacture or fabrication or whatever the footwear equivalent of “print” is, you just gotta get lucky with a store or eBay I guess. The style is called Pole Climber 1 (there’s a pole climber 10 but it has half as many eyelets and platform soles). The store only had one pair in stock and they were my size, so I figured it was meant to be.

mallowninja said: i would totally wear those shoes too, holy shit. how much did they cost with the discount?

About a hundred bucks after tax. knee-high Demonia boots are usually in the £110-160 range, this place was selling them for 40% of $150 (so $90).


A store called Hot Rock in Hollywood.