If there’s one nice thing I can say about this week’s comic, I had fun drawing Katt.

Speaking of Woren, the early concepts for Lin were so much cooler than what they ended up with in-game. She almost looked kind of like Deis.

I didn’t even realize this character was supposed to be a Woren until pretty recently, I thought she just had a helmet with weird chobit ears. I’ve never played (Or honestly, had any interest in) BoF5, but the art I’ve seen makes it seem like they were trying to sweep the whole concept of animal people under the table. Which seems like an odd choice for a series that got its legs on the premise of “This is a fantasy world full of talking fish and frogs and dog people”

I think it just bugs me that everyone in the game looks so waifish and delicate. Other games to get scrappy characters, pretty characters, tanky characters, chubby characters, all sorts of variety. When you look at the main characters in the fifth game, it’s like

versus the older games with their casts like


sarahfu replied to your photo: Remember that time Ganondorf was the villain in…

omg wait what, i don’t even remember him… sklfjg which one was he? I just remember Tyr.

I think he was the one that the whole game spent building up as the big bad, then his second in command conspires against him so he can step in and take over the clan.

(It’s actually kind of a cool throwback when you find out ~*~spoilers on a 16 year old game~*~ Ray is a dark dragon, fighting on your side because the two dragon clans dwindled so much in the time since the first game they joined into one ~*~spoilers on a 16 year old game~*~ because he and Jade bear a striking resemblance to each other)

Remember that time Ganondorf was the villain in the first Breath of Fire?

Remember that time Ganondorf was the villain in the first Breath of Fire?

Speaking of Breath of Fire Characters that caught me off guard

So in Bof2, in one of the churches you see this little tator tot character that I initially assumed was a woman in a blue dress;

Upon talking to other characters in the room I found out that this was, in fact, “Brother Ray” who is apparently very dreamy.

He shows up a couple times throughout the course of the game to team up with you on little missions and the like, looking like this in combat;

So naturally I assume I’ve got Lucius from Fire Emblem helping me out now.

That’s cool, he’s a pretty rad dude even though he’s one of the higher ups in the pseudo-Christian religion my team is ultimately trying to stamp out. So anyway, one 90’s dial-up hotbot.com search later and I find out, No, apparently Ray looks like this;


man whenever I saw Bleu’s name I would always pronounce it as BLEH~ because that’s how my English speaking french teachers used to say it in elementary school and it stuck forever

sorry, Bleu, your name still sounds like gagging to me

I was just talking to Brett last night about how it seemed like one of those things where the translators were like “We’ll name her Blue but we’ll make it sexy and French!” even though “bleu” is probably the least attractive sounding word in the entire French language.

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