Smoky BBQ Kale Chips


I used to really enjoy the taste of BBQ chips, even though to me, they never really tasted like BBQ’d anything… So you can imagine my excitement when I made a batch of these smoky BBQ kale chips and they turned out tasting just like BBQ chips! The best part is that they are entirely good for you, contain nothing artificial and boost your intake of dark leafy greens (which should make up the majority of you meals). Give it a go, they’re awesome!

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dreamsofawesome replied to your photo: I used to love omelettes, but without cheese,…

The spinach and onion I could see working out, the beef.. ehh, ground beef doesn’t play well with scrambled egg. At this point in the game I’m just tired of eggs, though. Need ‘em to help with the crohn’s, so I just.. eat ‘em raw.

I really like the taste of ground beef with fried egg and vegetables, it’s like beef fried rice without the rice!

That looks like too much topping for the eggs, but it isn’t a bad idea- though I’d just make a hash or something and eat with scrambled eggs with those ingredients. Try hot sauces if possible, but also maybe saute some mushrooms in worchestershire

The beef and veggies weren’t so much a topping for the eggs as the eggs were a binder for the meat and veggies. I actually did use Worcestershire sauce and hot sauce to season it, as well as sea salt, garlic, and black pepper. I thought about including mushrooms, but I had those yesterday so I figured I’d do spinach instead. I know I had onions yesterday too, but it’s been sitting in the fridge for a while, so I kind of had to finish it off tonight.

spinningthroughaworldinmotion said: Was it a delicious experiment? Worth recreating by others?

I enjoyed it!

annabelleisapeach said: I like an over-easy egg on top of just about anything. Soup, brown rice, pasta, couscous, a piece of toast…Also, have you blogged about your current diet? It sounds interesting.

I talked about it about a month ago when some folks were asking, the post is over hereabouts.

I personally love a scrambled egg with leftover rice…but I assume if ketchup is a ‘no’, then soy sauce (and possibly cayenne?) may be out. Fairly sure I’d die without ketchup. Then again fried rice in general is terrible for me.

Ketchup is a no-go because it’s got a lot of sugar in it. The second ingredient after tomato paste is high fructose corn syrup, the third ingredient after that is regular corn syrup. Soy sauce is okay I think? Pepper, herbs, spices, anything like that is okay. Same with vinegar, mustard, tobasco. Rice isn’t because you aren’t suppose to eat straight carbohydrates like grains.

What exactly does this diet you’ve been on entail?

Lots of vegetables, lean meat, and fruits, no dairy, grains, or refined sugars. Nothing processed. Eat three meals a day, maintain proper portion sizes, every meal needs to include a serving of protein, at least one meal a day needs to include a couple handfuls of leafy greens, and eat fattier cuts of meat and nuts one day a week so your body doesn’t think it’s being starved of fat and prevent you from burning any.

I did it last year and lost a bunch of weight, went back to eating the way I used to and started to put it back on, so now I’m making a focused effort to stick with it in a manageable way that gives me room to cheat every now and then so I don’t just abandon the whole thing. I think that was my problem the first time around, it was a chore to be that strict about everything, so after I finished the two months I set out to my resolve kind of crumbled. but now that I’m back on the wagon I’ve lost about 44lbs in total.

I don’t really like to think of it as a “diet”, so much as an attempt at a lifestyle change, I’m restricting my food, yes, but it’s not really healthy to eat all the ice cream, pizza, and french fries your heart desires without restraint.