Sometimes I wish I could get as excited about comics as I did when I was like 14. I still like them and all, but back then it was like WOW THIS IS THE BEST I AM COMPLETELY INSPIRED NOW I WILL MAKE ALL OF THE THINGS I’M HIGH ON LIFE AND ART.

Maybe the difference is that now I’m too practical and I veer away from starting things that won’t get finished, so now getting cool ideas can feel kind of draining and disappointing instead of filling me with awe and wonder for the endless bounds of the imagination.

Now it’s like “shit I have an idea but it’ll take this many hours to draw and this many hours to ink and I don’t even know enough about painting to do justice to that and I’m supposed to be drawing a video game joke right now anyway.”

I could probably get more done if I slept less on days I don’t have a pressing reason to be awake too.