I draw the webcomic Manly Guys Doing Manly Things and work on cartoons you might see on TV sometimes.


I think you are one of the earlier people I ran across on the internet of arts where one of their ‘OCs’ - Daggett in this case - was what got me interested in what they draw. It’s always interesting to see posts about the design choices you make!

More fun facts, I’ve been drawing Commander so long it’s really hard to remember how to draw Daggett right because I’m in autopilot mode to draw commander’s bison nose where the bump part comes out further than the nostrils

But the break in Daggett’s nose is supposed to be way less exaggerated and his nostrils are supposed to be bigger and more flared.

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I just feel like this is a great example of it, along with the MGDMT update this week - your inks have looked mighty killer recently.

Manga studio is an amaaaaaazing program for inking. Going back to ink in Photoshop feels like trying to ink with a crayon for me now.

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Even assuming there’s sarcasm, I’d say don’t sweat it, as the PS default airbrush is good for SOME effects? but I definitely don’t use it for much (obviously seeing as I mostly post cel-shaded and flat colored stuff).

I was trying to do that over-the-top smooth pinup type shading you see artists like Dean Yeagle and Glen Hanson do

But everything I do ends up being muddy. Maybe I need to work the lasso-and-gradients angle more.

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I have never had bananas on toast (‘ve had banana BREAD), though that sounds generally healthier than the “bananas with chocolate syrup” of my childhood.

Oh man, my dad used to make me bananas on toast like every morning when I was a kid because I didn’t like cereal (we had mealworm problems)

Couple slices of buttered toast, cut into little bite size squares with a slice of banana on each square.