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How to Fix Hatoful Boyfriend for Mac OSX


So you’ve purchased and downloaded Hatoful Boyfriend’s full version and are looking forward to wooing and cooing, am I right?  Unfortunately, if you’re running Mac OSX, you may run into a problem where, no matter how many times you double-click on the Famous Writer app included in the download, it just won’t start up.  This is a bug (actually a permissions problem) and will probably be officially fixed pretty shortly, but don’t fret, fellow Mac users, there’s a fix!

I actually posted about this earlier, but silly me didn’t even think about making it a step-by-step tutorial, so a lot of people saw my post and then just got confused all over again :( Gonna try to do better this time, which includes leaving out all the useless rambling I’m so fond of.

To follow this tutorial, you’ll need access to your full copy of Hatoful Boyfriend and the Terminal application, which you can find in your “Utilities” subfolder of your Applications folder.  When you start the Terminal up, you’ll get a screen that looks more or less like this:

Yours may be a different color combination (I think the default colour these days is black text on a white background, but I changed it a long time ago to feel geekier, haha) but as long as you see “[Your Computer’s Name]:~ [Your Username]$” you’re good to go.

Everybody’s Hatoful Boyfriend is going to be in a different location, and all their locations are probably really awkward to type in, so we’re going to take an easy shortcut to get there in the Terminal.  Type in “cd ” (don’t forget the space!) and then go to the finder and drag the Famous Writer program from the folder you’ve got it in into the Terminal window, like so:

That should put a URL-like string of folders and stuff into your line; hit enter and you should get something that looks like this:

If you got a line like that (“[Your Computer Name]:Famous Writer.app [Your Username]$”), you’re good!  If you got a “no such file or directory” error, check to make sure that you have a space between “cd” and the file you dragged in.  ”cd” is a command that tells Terminal what folder we want to work in.  We’re going to CD twice more: “cd Contents” and “cd MacOS”:

Next let’s see what’s in this “MacOS” folder.  We can do that inside the terminal by using the “ls -l” command (those are lowercase L’s, in case you couldn’t tell):

There’s the file we want to change, Famous Writer.  Here’s where our third command prompt comes in, and it’s the best/most important of all: chmod.  The problem Hatoful Boyfriend has in its current incarnation is that the important file that we need to execute the program (that is, make it run) doesn’t automatically have permission to execute.  So when you go to open the program, the OS goes “wait, you’re not allowed to do that” and just flat-out won’t run.  It’s an easy fix though: “chmod +x “Famous Writer”” (“Famous Writer” is in legit quotes here, by the way).  If you do this correctly, you’ll just get another line to type on and there won’t be any sort of verification.  To make sure it worked, run another “ls -l” to show the files again:

As you can see, the first “-rw-rw-rw-” line has now been replaced by “-rwxrwxrwx”.  That means that instead of just being able to Read (r) and Write (w), you can also Execute (x) the file.  Which is important.  If you now have a line that says “-rwxrwxrwx” and “Famous Writer” on it, cross your fingers just to make sure, but Hatoful Boyfriend should now be working properly!

I hope that helps, and is more clear than my previous post, haha.  I’ll try and answer any questions I can if you’re still having problems somewhere, but I can’t promise I’ll be able to solve issues that aren’t specifically this one, haha.

Super Super important if you bought the full version of Hatoful for Mac! (as I just found out)