The English language does not contain the words I require to explain my love of Pseudo-Pod’s Bison.

The unfortunate thing about casting Neal McDonough as Bison was that he





But then they decided to dress him up like this for the role;

hokuto-ju-no-ken asked
Something quite horrifying dawned on me as I faced Ghirahim the final time. He's.. He's Vega. His mannerisms, narcissism and subservience. He's Vega.

He’s every single “knife-licking psycho” as one person put it in the history of everything. It’s one of the least original villain tropes going and he’s one of the least original executions of it from what I’ve seen so far. If you’re telling me this because you think it’ll warm me up to him (after saying Vega was my street Fighter avatar of choice), I didn’t play as Vega because I liked Vega: The personality, I played him because I’d always get kicked around by him and figured if I was dilligent and had enough quarters I would learn his secrets one day. I never did get that wall-jump to work. And M.Bison wasn’t playable on the Rec Centre arcade machine (it’s worth noting that I didn’t have a street Fighter game of my own until I was in my late teens, so little Kelly’s exposure to Fighting Games was the old school arcade way)