I think if I could have a wish, it would be for Tish to design characters in Suda51 games to her heart’s content.


It’s here! It’s finally done!

A month and a half and nearly 90 pages later, this sketchbook is fully complete. It started as an exercise in construction, composition, inking and coloring, but it slowly became an album of art that had input from dozens of people. A lot of you guys helped me out by suggesting Pokemon for me to draw, and I would probably still be working on it or have given up by now if not for you!

So now that I’ve finished, I’ve scanned and uploaded every page to a Flickr set for you guys to go see. There were a few photos and scans on Tumblr and Twitter, but I never showed off the whole thing until now.

Thanks for all of the support, everyone! Now I just need to start on a NEW sketchbook! Hmmm….

Good job, man, Really outstanding stuff! Man, What I’d give to see you doing actual character designs on these games…

I hate to ask because I don’t want to be the guy who bugs people to draw stuff, but have you ever done a Gyarados before? I was just wondering because they’re my favourite :P